Enlightenment: Tips on how to Transcend the Ego

"That which you
presume oneself to generally be
just isn't basically a issue,
but an motion.
It is the action
holding on.
In each individual moment,
you happen to be unconsciously
Keeping on to an idea
of who you might be.
And While
this concept of who you're
is continually shifting
instant to instant,
the action of holding
on remains precisely the same,
providing you with the sensation
that there's a 'you'
moving in Zenski donji ves time,
altering and transforming,
Finding out and rising.
But for those who become conscious
of this action of holding on
as well as for this second
Allow go of this action of holding,
Then you definitely drop into this second
and see extremely Obviously,
past the intellect
that every little thing is arising
by by itself,
eternally refreshing and new
out of this moment.
You move beyond the idea
of the you going linear in time
and working experience
acutely aware donji ves radiance,
not as somebody
but as mindful radiance by itself.
You recognize
your organic state of peace
where seksi donji ves there is no such detail
as worry.

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